Crack the Songwriting Code - Clive Ridgway

Crack the SONGWRITING Code is the creative outcome of author Clive Ridgway’s cornerstone belief that successful songwriting is within the grasp of anyone who is genuinely interested in pop songs. The aim of the book is to set songwriters and aspirant songwriters on the path to success.

Passionate songwriting for all

In his book Clive condenses many years of songwriting, business savvy and life experience into powerful information-bytes that cut through the clutter to reveal the simple truth about songwriting. The book is written in plain language and is laid out in easily digestible chunks, systematically demystifying the songwriting process.

Who the book is aimed at

The book will be of value to anyone passionate about pop music. On one level, it is aimed at pop fans who want to simply start writing songs. On a more ambitious level, it is aimed at songwriters who wish to know how to turn their passion for pop into profit.

Illustrations, anecdotes and examples

The text is peppered with substantive examples of great songwriting, and anecdotes that inspire, inform and instruct.

Added values and uniqueness

Valuable extras tucked into the final pages include contact details for South African record companies, radio stations and music industry bodies. The book provides a unique perspective on the subject of songwriting and introduces a process that is guaranteed to succeed. Content was drawn from the author’s wealth of experience as a songwriter, musician, radio programmer, business executive, music producer and performer.

“Inspiration is such an intangible thing … indescribably. But sometimes, just sometimes, we’re able to put our finger right on it. This incredibly inspiring, and useful, book is a must-read for any aspiring songwriter and musician.”

– Meryl van Noie, Music Director,
The Soundhouse

“With this easily-readable book, Clive has mapped out in a methodical, interesting and concise way, the road to successful songwriting. With clear examples of hits over many decades, the book unravels exactly the most fundamental elements that the greatest hits of our time hold in common – the often illusive songwriting code. This is definitely a must read for aspiring songwriters.”

– Gabi Le Roux, Composer/Producer,
Kaleidosound Music Productions