All songwriting courses culminate with demo recordings. Take a listen to some of the beautiful songs written by our songwriters.  If any artists would like to record any of these songs, please call us on 0823194500.

Angel in the Making

Written and performed by Fiona Record

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Puzzle Pieces

Carnival Song written by Clive Ridgway, Fiona Record, Alicia Dumezweni, Natasha Simone, Vivian Alexander, Pieter Swanepoel, Tony Drake and Gabi le Roux


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Destination Kaapstad

Written by Pieter Swanepoel and Clive Ridgway, and performed by Celeste van Pletzen

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Mama's Boy

Instrumental written and performed by guitarist Vivian Alexander

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Mr Right Now

Written and performed by Chenara Fenton

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