All songwriting courses culminate with demo recordings. Take a listen to some of the beautiful songs written by our songwriters from our March 2019 Course.   If any artists would like to record any of these songs, please call us on 0823194500.

Mr Right Now

Written and performed by Chenara Fenton

Streets of Cape Town

Written by Clive Ridgway, Thando Takane, Chenara Fenton, Pieter Swanepoel, Tony Drake, Gabi le Roux

Children of the Winds of Change

Carnival Song written by Clive Ridgway, Monique Hellenberg, George Hamman, Tony Drake, Tony Ridgway, Gabi le Roux


Wat As

Written by Lizeth Botes and Clive Ridgway, sung by Lizeth

As Surely As

Written and sung by Aseyah Rosslind

Cape Town Carnival 2010

Image of Cape Town Carnival 2010

Twenty CTSS songwriters collaborated to write songs for the first Cape Town Carnival. 20,000 people lined Long Street to view the event and 110,000 copies of the Carnival CD were distributed.