All songwriting courses culminate with demo recordings. Take a listen to some of the beautiful songs written by our Songwriting graduates.   

Don't Cry - Leo Daniels

My Husbands Eyes

This song My Husbands Eyes, written during our Winter course by Kate, shows her comtemporary country roots.

Wizards van die Clan

Piet Botha (pictured left) recorded Wizards written by Chris Zietsman. Chris, a rock music enthusiast came to the school to realise his rock 'n roll dreams. This musical collaboration with Clive reflects their collective roots - rock, blues, afrikaner-folk and country.

Think About It

Oscar started singing in the church choir and as a young boy he possessed a voice that got people stopping to watch him perform. He evolved from choir boy to karaoke singer to lead singer in the rock band The Plimsoll Line. Since the band's breakup husband and father of twin daughters Oscar, decided on yet another musical evolution, this time to Singer/Songwriter. Oscar joined us for the winter 2014 course. Take a listen to his song Think About it.


Sibanye, a song of reconciliation written and performed by Leon Albert and Thando Takane

Gotta Love Our World

Aseyah Rosslind's beautiful Green Anthem!

Who are You

An amazing track about self discovery, written and performed by Roeshdien Jass and accompanied by Vivian Alexander on guitar

Gila Monsters and Flashbacks

Punk rock brothers Joshua (13) and Nathan (15) wrote and played all the instruments on their debut song 

Catching Dreams

A cool little reggae tune written and performed by Jade (15), in collaboration with Clive


Fiona Record was inspired to write Unity after the World Cup, which she finished off in collaboration with Clive.  Fiona will be performing this song at our CTSS concert on 8 December at the River Club in Observatory.