Grant Ross

Grant's first exposure to music came through listening to Phil Collins and Genesis on family car trips. "The first music I remember liking was 'The Way it is' by Bruce Hornsby & the Range, and Cat Stevens' 'Tea for the Tillerman' and 'Teaser and the Firecat' albums".

Grant started playing guitar at age 12 after being inspired by a minder at a school camp who played. He took classical guitar lessons at school but was never really interested in what he was being taught. "I just wanted to play and sing songs. I first realised the potential to be a singer-songwriter after a friend told me about a guy named John Mayer". This prompted Grant to delve deeper into the singer-songwriter tradition which led to him discovering the likes of Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

After graduating with a B.Bus.Sc. Degree from UCT, Grant moved to Ireland for 6 months. There he picked up on Irish folk artist Fionn Regan, and got to see some of his favourite artists like Dave Matthews Band and Josh Ritter perform live. After then living in Scotland for a year, Grant was introduced to CTSS on his return to SA. He came along to a wrap evening for one of our courses and decided to enroll for the 8 week course himself. At the CTSS he collaborated with 2 songwriters to co-write a track and then moved on to the Emerging Songwriters Program writing and recording his first solo record 'Inspired'.

"In short I can say that being involved with the CTSS has changed the direction of my life. My perspective has widened and I have a new openness for possibilities". Grant is currently working on his debut recording disc and building a performance repertoire consisting of originals and songs by some of his favourite singer-songwriters.

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