2014 CTSS News ...

We are very proud of the lasting relationships we have forged with many of the songwriters who have come through our doors and it has been wonderfully rewarding to assist some on to performing, recording and radio success.

Selim Kagee has become a sought after classical-crossover artist with performances alongside the CTPO, Cape Town POPS and his own orchestra of local players.

Roeshdien Jaz has become a familiar voice on local radio and his new single 'Love Is In The House' is currently in studio.

Bev Rinkwest is also at present in studio. Her song 'Die Dans' which she wrote using the words of Canadian inspirational writer Orian Mountain Dreamer, is soon to be submitted to radio.

Savanah Brogneri is currently in London charming open mic audiences with her soulful and truthful songs. 

Leon Oosthuizen has released his first CD under the banner of his group Sibanya. 

Dave Stodel has started his own guitar school Silhouette Music and Grant Ross teaches guitar at the Amy Biehl Foundation.

Thando Tekane has branched out into many musical disciplines including violin, guitar and voice.  

A revised eight week course will commence 28 April 2014.  A host of guest songwriters, performers and producers will be guest lecturing through the eight weeks.  And as always, students will be recording their course compositions in our CTSS studio. 

If you are interested in joining us please contact Elaine on 0827773133 or mail me, clive@songwriters.co.za

Be loud and proud … clive