Songwriting is not an activity where work equals achievement ...

Tom Petty made that remark during an interview with Paul Zollo, editor of SongTalk. He added: '... you are dealing in magic. It's the same with any other imaginative work - painting or filmmaking - it's this intangible thing that has got to happen. And to really seek it out too much might not be a good idea. Because, you know it's very shy too. But once you've got it, you can work on songs and improve them. You can see if there's a better word, or a better change. 

Like life itself, songwriting is at once simple and complex. Song ideas pop out at us.  Some hang around for ages before they find form, while others write themselves quickly and easily.

Write for the sake of writing.  Write often and as much as you can.  Being prolific gives you the best shot at creating an outstanding song. Write what comes naturally, enjoy the process and let inspiration and success come to you!