Enthusiasm ... passion for my band Rocking Horse got me into big trouble today.  A naive comment from someone about our brand of country, pressed the wrong buttons and I found myself reacting on pure emotion.  Being the sort of guy that tends to beat himself up mercilessly over mistakes, I've been doing what i can to unpack the issues underlying the episode with the hope that I can genuinely learn something from what happened today.  What I'm not ashamed of is that I believe 100% in what Barry, Tony and I do as a trio of old guitar hacks.  We have played music together for most of our lives and will probably continue to do so as long as each of us can still cradle a six string acoustic in our arms.

I'm so grateful that our collective passion and musical drive has not diminished over the years and I can honestly say we are all three, complete fanatics who still get excited about authentic music of any genre or style.  I have a strong feeling that this enthusiasm is the greatest gift each of us has received from the muse ... not nimble fretboard fingers or perfect pitch.

In her book "The Artists Way", Julia Cameron devotes a short section to enthusiasm.  She writes about discipline vs enthusiasm in the life of an artist.  She points out how being grounded in discipline can only motivate an artist so long, while enthusiasm 'is an ongoing energy supply tapped into the flow of life itself'.  I get it!  Read Eric Clapton's 'Autobiography' or Bob Dylan's 'Chronicles';  they are two of music's greatest fans.  I have no doubt the same applies to all of the Greats.  They retain their childlike love for music and their ability to view work as play.

So do your music out of enthusiasm and not duty or discipline, and let it bring you joy.  And as long as it brings you joy, you will have little difficulty turning on your creativity tap.

Enjoy the process ... and play!